Adolescent Disorders

If you’re experiencing major behavioral issues with your adolescent child, they could be struggling with an adolescent disorder. Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and conduct disorder (CD) are serious conditions that are distressing for both you and your child. We can help.


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At Mindful Care, our team of compassionate mental health professionals will provide your adolescent with treatment the very day you choose to ask for help. You will be invited in to a comfortable front office, with relaxing music and refreshments, helping both of you feel at ease while taking that all-important first step.

We now offer telehealth virtual consultation, group therapy, and in person consultation in our offices throughout New York, New Jersey, and Chicago.

Adolescent Disorders Q & A

You first visit

You will see a psychiatric medical provider on your first visit, who will assess and work with you to diagnose the problem. They will help you understand that anxiety is a feeling that can be regulated, and not a weakness or personality flaw. They will prescribe medication to reduce your symptoms, and will recommend a treatment plan personalized to suit your needs, including lifestyle modifications to improve your overall sense of wellbeing. We recommend weekly therapy as a supplement to our care, and will provide referrals to the best providers available. They will give you skills to manage your anxiety or fear and explore the psychological basis for your anxiety.

How are ODD and CD treated?

Adolescents who struggle with defiance and conduct are often treated as delinquents, rather than being treated in a psychiatric setting. The good news is that with the appropriate help, your child can learn to behave in a way that benefits them and the people around them.

Adolescent disorders such as ODD and CD are treated with a combination of medication, therapy, and behavior modification.

Adolescents who are suffering from co-occurring disorders, such as depression and anxiety, ADHD, and substance abuse, may benefit from medication typically used to treat these conditions.

Primary treatment, however, is behavioral. Behavior modification is used to train adolescents to regulate their feelings, especially those of anger and negativity, as well as to curb behavior that will be disruptive or destructive.

In many cases, treatment provided for parents is beneficial to the family as a whole. Parents can receive training to help them use techniques that will be effective in getting the desired responses from their children. Family therapy can help all members of the family learn to relate to each other in healthier ways. Finally, parents and adolescents can learn to engage in collaborative problem solving, which asks all parties to participate in solving behavioral issues.

Adolescent disorders are often shrugged off as simple bad discipline, but they can become extremely disruptive for the youth and those around them. With help from Mindful Care, your adolescent can learn to regulate their emotions and curb problematic behavior.

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