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About MindFit

Life can be hard. You may feel lonely, stressed, anxious, depressed, unmotivated or unloved. When these reactions become too mindfulh you need the right support.

The most reported benefit of MindFit Group Therapy is the ability to connect with others and know you are not alone. With the support of a MindFit Group, you can also experience relief and validation for your unique challenges. You can speak or just listen, both are meaningful ways to participate.

Our licensed therapists guide an interactive conversation that makes a difference for everyone. The primary clinical approach we use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This is a practical, skills-based intervention that allows you to challenge and change unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

In an inclusive, judgement-free environment learn to manage the difficult emotional experiences we all face as human beings. Soon you will begin to feel better and even thrive.

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Accepts insurance through most providers. Self-pay is $35 per session.

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Connect through a privacy-compliant video-conferencing platform from wherever you are.


We offer morning, afternoon, and evening groups from 9 AM-7 PM. Groups meet weekly for one hour.

Do not wait another moment to get the help you need.

Our Groups


Group Therapy for Anxiety

This group focuses on reducing the power of your anxiety. Having some anxiety is normal but it can turn excessive and debilitating. Most of our anxiety is fueled by our fear of what might happen. Through the practice of mindfulness (being more aware) and the skills of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (changing your thoughts and behavior), you will begin to feel more comfortable in your skin.

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Group Therapy for Life’s Challenges

In RISE, you will address challenges across the important areas of your life. Work to raise the bar from where you currently are to where you would like to be. Practice skills that allow you to identify and shift negative or inflexible thoughts and familiar behavior so that new outcomes are possible.

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Group Therapy for Depression

You may not feel like yourself anymore. Your energy is reduced, your thoughts are more negative and you may be forgetful. It can seem like nothing really matters. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most effective treatments for depressive symptoms. Changing your thoughts and behavior can make a meaningful difference. The power of HOPE can change your experience of life.



Support Group for the LGBTQA+ Community

The LGBTQA+ community represents authenticity, understanding, compassion, respect, diversity, and love. This therapy group is no different. LGBTQA+ individuals are at an increased risk of experiencing depression, anxiety, suicide, and substance-use, among other struggles. Together, we will tackle challenges through an inclusive, non-judgmental, and person-centered approach and promote self-acceptance. Learning to love and own who you are is a superpower. Take pride in all that is fabulously you and SHINE.

*This group is exclusively for LGBTQA+ identifying individuals.*

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Group Therapy for Healthy Relationships

Finding a way to build healthy relationships is not easy. With our partners, friends, family, colleagues, bosses, roommates… all relationships can go south. In this group, you will master skills in communication, mindfulness, and CBT that allow for changes in perspective and behavior. Discover how to have relationships that work. Even in the most challenging circumstances, healthy relationships are possible.

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Group Therapy for Substance Use

Substance use can take over your life. Through psychoeducation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy come to understand the nature of your addiction and that recovery is possible. Learn tools to conquer cravings, prevent relapse and re-engage with life in a substance-free way. Our approach is non-judgemental, patient-centered, and designed to reinforce your positive behaviors. Start to RECOVER and take back control of your life.

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A Skills Group for Handling Tough Emotions

Sometimes our thoughts and feelings are so overwhelming we react in ways that hurt ourselves and others. In this group, we use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to help regulate these intense feelings. DBT is one of the most effective ways to treat diagnoses such as Borderline Personality Disorder and useful for depression and anxiety, as well. In WISE, we find balance in everyday life, through mindfulness, new skills and a non-judgmental approach.

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Group Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Individuals living with Bipolar Disorder often struggle with both manic and depressive symptoms. Finding balance can be uniquely challenging. Here we address your experience and how it relates to the world around you. Through a strength-based approach and the skills of CBT, we support you to manage and transform the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that can bind you, allowing for an overall and new sense of harmony.

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A Group for Individuals with Trauma

SAFE is a highly structured 12-week psychotherapy group, divided among behavioral, cognitive and interpersonal topics, and designed for individuals with trauma. This group will address topics on, managing trauma symptoms, cope with life without the use of unhealthy coping mechanisms, learn to take good care of yourself, find safe people who can support you, free yourself from unhealthy relationships, prevent self-destructive acts, and find ways to feel good about yourself and enjoy life.

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